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UIF Boxing Club

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Welcome to Uppsala and UIF Boxing Club!

Find a map of Sweden here.

Upsala Idrottsförening (UIF) was created in 1904. However, the boxing club was not approved as an own section until 1921.

Everybody can join us!

Although we are proud to have trained nationally ranked boxers, we continue to offer a boxing workout for the average person.

Boxing is an excellent conditioning sport that not only builds cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, but sharpens mental clarity and the ability to acknowledge, and thereby let go of, underlying fears. Plus, boxing is fun.

We teach boxing at all levels, beginners as well for more trained members. You will get in great shape here. Our coaches are volunteers and well-experienced.

We are a non-profit club and need each member to be available and willing to help with various activities. We have amateur and pros training at our club (both male and female) and we have ages from 10 years and up.

We all try to get along and we want everyone to have fun and be safe.

Come down during training times and check us out!


Location: Heidenstamsgatan 67 - find a map here.

Price:      The charges depends on your age - see chart here. The charge covers
               also an insurance in case you get injured.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on This is a mailto link 

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Upsala IF - Boxning
Heidenstamsgatan 67
75427 Uppsala

Heidenstamsgatan 67
75427 Uppsala

Tel: [saknas] Information
E-post: This is a mailto link

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